Passerby Sees Officer Laying With His Horse In The Street, Quickly Realizes Tragic Reason

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A tragic moment for the Houston Police Department has been memorialized in a photograph that is going viral. In it, a Houston police officer comforts one of the city’s police horses that was struck by a commercial vehicle. The officer who had been riding the horse had to be taken to the hospital, so another mounted officer stayed with the animal during its last few minutes before being euthanized.

The police horse had been spooked and tossed her rider before stepping into traffic and being fatally hit by a vehicle, near downtown Houston.

The Animal Justice League issued a statement on social media saying:

“We’ve always said we support ALL animals and know the relationship with those animals & their person is an incredible thing. Yesterday, here in Houston, a police horse backed into the wheel well of a concrete truck and sustained a broken leg. While Officer Herrejon (Charlotte’s partner) was being transported by ambulance to the hospital, another officer, Ronald Curry laid her down and covered her face while she took her last breaths before being euthanized on the scene. We admire the heart & strength of this officer because as you know, when you lose an animal, to be with them during their last breath is a heartbreaking & tough thing to do. Our hearts go out to both officers & the HPD family. RIP Charlotte.”

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