Owl was once near death. Now, it can’t stop hugging its rescuer (7+ photos)

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Gigi, a Great Horned Owl, was near death when she arrived at Wild at Heart Rescue in Vancleave, Mississippi. She had head trauma from a probable car accident, parasites, and aspergillosis, a kind of owl pneumonia.
It was a sad sight as you can see from the pictures below. Initially, the Rescue’s director, Missy Dubuisson, wasn’t sure Gigi would even make it. Luckily, things took a quick turn.
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During treatment, the sick owl lost a pound, which is anywhere from a third to half of a Great Horned Owl’s weight.

Rescue president Doug Pojeky had a reputation for working with birds of prey. He carefully nursed Gigi back to health, hand-feeding her until she could eat on her own.

In return, Gigi became very attached to Pojeky. One photo shows him touching heads affectionately with her.

Pojeky didn’t realize how grateful his owl charge was until he returned from an extended trip to Michigan. During an exam on June 4, 2016, she approached him, put her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes, and enfolded him in a hug with wings outspread.

Pojeky was especially moved because it reminded him of an incident from his childhood.

Source: worldofanimals.org


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