Girl thought the boy outside her house had a crush, but the truth is altogether different

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A girl started noticing a guy who stood in front of her home every day in the evening. She noticed the boy came mostly in the evenings and weekends.
The guy never tried to talk to her nor showed any gesture, he just moved here and there by looking into his mobile phone and occasionally stealing a stare at her.
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It went on like that for a year, and the girl understood the guy was in love with her but was too shy to express his feelings. So she told her parents. They too saw him and liked him. They discussed with her grandparents about a likely marriage, but wanted her to make the first move.
The next day, she went to him and said, “Hi. I’m Jada.”
“Hi. I’m Smith,” he responded.
Hearing this, the girl was very happy as the names matched like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. She went on and said, “I really appreciate your patience and decency. You have been standing in front of my home every day for about a year now. So, I understand that you are in love with me, but too shy to say it. I think I really like you too and would love it if we got married.”

The guy smiled awkwardly and finally said, “Please forgive me. Your home’s wi-fi doesn’t have a password, so I’ve been using it to talk to my girlfriend.”

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