Dog Was Chained To A Wall In A Musty Garage For 8 Years, Then Rescuers Changed Her Life For Good

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This Pit bull named Lola was chained to a wall in a musty garage with no shelter or source of comfort for more than eight years.

One day, rescuers from AMA Animal Rescue out of Brooklyn, New York, came to rescue this sweet girl. Despite the neglectful life she had lived, she still greeted her rescuers with a wagging tail.

They got Lola out of this horrible prison and started her on her journey to a much happier life. Her health was their first priority, so they brought her to a vet to get examined. She had a large tumor on her back leg which was causing extreme discomfort. Two additional tumors were found on her mammary glands. Thankfully, the tumors were benign and were all successfully removed! After that, she received a deep cleaning and got rotten teeth removed.

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