Dog Digging Through Trash Was Actually Saving A Life

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Earlier this week, a police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, was leaving home to run an errand when he saw something quite commonplace: a neighbor’s dog, rummaging through a pile of garbage bags amassed on the street for collection.
As it turns out, however, the pup wasn’t driven by an empty stomach — but rather by a full heart.
When the officer returned home a short time later, he saw the same dog there. Only this time, she had something in her mouth.
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As the officer moved closer for a better look, he thought at first that the dog had found a dead kitten, as Diario da Regiao reports. But the truth ended up being quite uplifting.

The dog had actually rescued a puppy who, aside from reeking of the trash where he’d apparently been left to die, was still very much alive.

The puppy’s canine rescuer clearly had the best intentions.
She started whining when the puppy was taken, so she was allowed to watch over him as the officer contacted a local animal rescuer, Marco Antonio Rodrigues, for help.
“She played the most important role by saving the puppy,” Rodrigues wrote online about the heroic dog.
But soon, another bighearted pup would be needed to help.



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