Disabled teen stands to honor the American flag, then Vets honor him with a standing wheelchair

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One of the most amazing photos went viral recently, when a man took a photo of his wheelchair bound nephew mustering the courage and strength to rise for the American flag. This simple picture touched the hearts of Americans from all walks of life and all parts of the nation and thanks to the efforts of these veterans, this child’s life is forever changed.

Arek Trenhold was born with spina bifida and has only stood twice over the past seven years. This birth defect altered the closing of his backbone, as well as the membranes associated with his spinal cord, but he refused to allow this handicap to affect his life.

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Scott Liesche is a veteran and when he saw the picture of the young man, he immediately sprung into action. Liesche works for a company known as The Standing Company, which is responsible for the creation of standing wheelchairs designed to assist people like Arek.

Scott showed the photo to his employees and his fellow veterans decided that it would be fun to surprise Arek with his very own standing wheelchair. This is the type of selfless gesture that we would like to see more of in modern society.

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The president of the company, David Maczik, spoke out about Arek’s courage, thanking him for his willingness to be courageous and stand up for his true beliefs. This young man certainly has a great future and we are glad to see that someone has stepped up to provide him with the help that he needs.

Thanks to his new wheelchair, Arek will be able to live a much more independent life and obtain a better job in the future. Be sure to share this incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook, so that they can appreciate Arek’s journey as well.

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