Animal Control Urges Public To Help Identify Man Abusing Dog On The Street

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On Wednesday afternoon, a man was caught on video beating and dragging his dog near Ventura and M Street in downtown Fresno, California.
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The witness who captured the footage said the man had been hitting the dog before the video started rolling. The video shows the man striking the dog, which squeals when hit. Then the dog is dragged and lifted from the ground.
If you recognize this man or have any information on him, call Fresno Humane Animal Control at 559-600-7387 or use this link to email a tip.

UPDATE 6/2/2017: Jack, the dog from this video, has been found and is safe. Police tell us that animal control workers found the man in the video and Jack. The man ran away and is still on the run.
Jack was recovered and is now in the care of the Central California SPCA.
The SPCA spokesman says they are working on putting a case together, and submitting it to the District Attorney’s office.
Police say if you do see the man in the video, don’t approach him. Call police and they will respond.
We will continue to update you on this story, stay with Fox26 for more …

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