A Lioness Killed A Baboon, But What She Did Next With The Baby Is So Shocking.

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Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth were on a game drive in northern Botswana when they encountered a massive group of thirty to forty chaotic baboons charging by them.

It soon became clear that the baboons were startled by a few lions that were chasing them. The lions were roaring while the baboons were screaming. Everything was in complete disarray.
A female baboon tried to make a run for it but unfortunately wasn’t lucky. A lioness grabbed it immediately in her jaws.

Little did she know, a baby baboon, less than 1 month old, soon emerged from next to the mother’s body.

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Immediately, the scared baby baboon quickly tried to make an escape but it was too weak to climb far. The lioness was surprised and went over to find out what was happening.

Surprisingly, instead of going for the kill, the lioness began to play with the baby baboon.

She was both curious and gentle.

“The baby was showing signs of physical harm and fatigue from the whole ordeal. The lioness picked the baby up in her mouth-it was in agony watching the baby’s ordeal-and I kept on turning off the video option on my camera because it was hard to record.”

Surprisingly, the baby baboon responded. It soon began to hold on to the lioness’ chest and even attempted to suckle.

Suddenly, two male lions arrived to the scene. The lioness immediately showed signs of aggression towards them. Was she defending the new baby she found?

All the while, the father baboon was watching everything from away and waiting for the right time to come for the save.

He finally made the move and snatched the baby up at the first moment he could! Father baboon saves the day!

This story is impressive on so many levels from the lioness’ gentleness with the baby baboon to the bravery of the father baboon.
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Source: Sfglobe.com


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