9 Years Ago, She Was Locked In A Basement. When Police Show Up? Look Closely In Her Eyes…

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It is not until the child is in dire need of help before we can understand how true this saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child.” The same is applicable for a maltreated dog on the verge of giving up . One fateful day the Humane CNY Shelter received a distressed call from a concerned neighbor about the ill state of a dog and its pup. This Good Samaritan woman had seen this pathetic situation when she looked at the basement of a home recently. The heartbreaking sight of an incredibly thin looking dog and her thin son could not but make her want to cry.
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These poor creatures were not left to fend for themselves but were locked away from fending for themselves. No doubt, they were destined to die of starvation as there was neither food nor water for them to take. Thanks for the quick intervention of the Humane CNT Shelter that arrived right on time to meet the situation, just as the Good Samaritan had described; Jada and Sonny were certainly living in terrible conditions.

Without hesitation, these animals were confiscated while their bad handlers were charged with animal cruelty. When Jada and Sonny were taken away, they were straightly brought into the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY for immediate treatment. Without further ado, Jada began responding to medical treatment and care, as she started gaining tremendous weight while showing thankful affection to her new caregivers.

However, things do not still seem to be well with the dog because there was some spread of lumps on her body. Out of concern, a biopsy test was carried out and the results showed that Jada was suffering from cancer which had even affected her lungs. This dashed the hopes of getting a loving family to adopt Jada. As a result, there had to be a change of plan.

The staff decided to make Jada happy by focusing on providing her with all the necessary things of life especially the things that any normal dog would have in their lifetime while they designed a bucket list of things she would achieve including making appearances on television, getting to be served with a flavored bowl of ice cream and riding in a fire truck.

Although there are still quite a lot to cross off her list, she has been having fun completing them. Recently, Jada was seen going on a ride in a fire truck, now she knows how to turn on the police siren.

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