2 cats approach a lonely, baby monkey – They teach him the meaning of love and friendship

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Imagine growing up without a mother. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Although I was fortunate enough to grow up with a loving mother that did everything she could to take care of me, I know others that weren’t so fortunate.It’s not just humans, however, that have to worry about growing up with a mother. You’re about to meet a monkey in Zimbabwe named Horace who lost his birth mother while he was still very young. Although Horace was completely alone, hope wasn’t lost. Horace was fortunate enough to be picked up by the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary.

Because the sanctuary was understaffed though, they decided to raise all their rescue animals together. The staff was worried that all the different animals at the sanctuary wouldn’t get along. They definitely didn’t expect what Horace would do…

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The founder of the sanctuary, Sarah Carter, said,
“His mom had been hit by a car on a very busy highway. He’s lucky that he got picked up by the right person, who then brought him here.”

Because the sanctuary was understaffed, the sanctuary was forced to take care of Horace in the same group as the rest of the other animals.

Although the sanctuary staff were worried that all these different animals wouldn’t get along, they couldn’t be more wrong!

Horace quickly started developing close bonds with the other animals at the sanctuary.

Although Horace tragically lost his mother, he now spends his time making new friends every day!

Since Horace first joined the sanctuary, there have been a lot more monkeys that have been adopted. Horace, however, still spends more time with his cat and dog friends.

Sarah says,

“He runs around in the middle of the night, in the dark, with the cats. All the other monkeys go to sleep when it starts to get dark, because that’s their instinct. Meanwhile, Horace is busy running around the garden at 10 o’clock at night. He’s a character.”

Just look at how happy Horace looks going on an adventure with his dogs friends!

When Horace isn’t off on an adventure, you can probably find him lounging around with his cat friends. Great thing they make excellent pillows!

The goal of the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is to take care of and rehab rescued animals until they are capable of living on their own in the wild.


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